Year 13 Careers


During Year 13 students will be working with their own tutor group and year group on a range of careers related activities.  They key area will be for students to make well informed decisions on a career pathway suitable to them.  Students will be supported with UCAS applications and will be kept aware of a variety of pathways.  

Year 13 students will be doing the following:

  • Research on a variety of Universities,, apprenticeships and trainee pathways
  • Individual target setting and reflection with tutor for discussion at Student Review Day with parents
  • 1-2-1 mentoring during application to University ensuring students get into their first choice of university and course
  • 1-2-1 mentoring by Toot Hill College team and other members of the school team when required to ensure that all students access the destination of their personal choice.
  • Inspirational guest speakers
  • Mock Interview Day interviews with governors
  • MFL trip to University of Nottingham
  • Toot Hill Careers and Networking Fair
  • Opportunities to mentor younger students
  • University Masterclasses
  • Fund raising
  • CV and personal profile update
  • Elements - continue to record achievements
  • Enrichment programme both inside and outside of school
  • Continue to volunteer and gain work experience during the school holidays
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Musical performance
  • Cadets
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Mentoring
  • Parliament Trip
  • Guest speakers
  • Sign up to Alumni so that they can inspire the next generation and the School and College can continue to celebrate their success

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Job Vacancies

RSM is a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to middle market leaders globally. They currently have positions available for school leavers to join them in September 2018 within accounting, business advisory, tax and audit. They offer students the opportunity to work towards their professional qualifications while at the same time gaining hands-on business experience. More information on these positions and the application process is available on their website

Careers & Networking Fair
Thursday 26th January 2017

The Careers & Networking Fair held in the Suther's Building at Toot Hill School was a great success. We had 80 exhibitors made up of a variety of employers, universities and training providers. Over 150 students from School Years 11, 12 and 13 attended. 

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Start your career straight from school with Investment 2020

Investment2020 was set up to help young people understand the career opportunities open to them in asset management. This is the industry that invests our money – they safely look after over £5.5 trillion! – while providing financial support to help businesses around the world to thrive.

Investment2020 offers a paid, hands-on trainee training programme with some of the biggest names in the financial world, including JP Morgan, Henderson Global Investors, and Schroders.

What jobs can I do?

It's not all about maths and number crunching in asset management.Investment2020's training programme gives you a way in to the many other jobs in the industry. Here are just a few:

  • Helping customers – Talking to people who have invested their money.
  • Selling the products – Advertising your company.
  • Looking after computer systems – Investment companies store a lot of data and need complex systems to make financial predictions.
  • Developing new technology – Companies sometimes develop software like apps to make things easier for their customers.
  • Hiring and training staff – Investment companies need the best people.

What will I do on my training programme?

You'll get responsibility from the off, working on real projects with a mentor to help and guide you. You'll also get to meet other Investment2020 trainees at regular meet-ups throughout your programme.

Why apply?

The Investment2020 training programme lets you follow the same career as a university graduate – the difference is, you'll get paid, learn while you work, and avoid piles of student debt. And because the programme is less well known than a normal grad scheme, you're 25 times more likely to get a place!

Is it for me?

There's more to Investment2020 than just grades – if you’re smart and have bags of enthusiasm, you could be joining them for a paid placement in just a few months' time. Some of their deadlines are soon, so check out the opportunities and start getting your application ready.

What do today's trainees say?

Joe, who recently started an Investment2020 placement at Schroders:
“Every day you have to face a different challenge… You’re constantly learning about how people invest money. From somebody who’s 18 year old and came into the job without much background… it’s fascinating to learn, because I can take it home to share it with my parents.”

How do I make a successful application?

Here are our top tips for putting together an application that's bound to impress:

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