Year 9 Careers


During Year 9 students will be working with their own tutor group and year group on a range of careers related activities.  The key area will be for students to research a variety of careers and pathways suitable to their own individual aspirations.

Year 9 students will be doing the following:

  • Individual target setting with tutor to be discussed at the Student Review Day with parents.
  • Recognise the need for self improvement.
  • Work on soft skills, e.g. team working, determination, resilience, self confidence etc as part of their character development in preparation for the world of work.
  • PSHE days - personal, social, health and careers workshops.
  • Sports activities representing school.
  • Reviewing the assessment point data to understand how to develop in the future.
  • Ignite opportunity.
  • Young Market assembly.
  • Stop the Clock workshops looking at a variety of careers.
  • Careers research on National Careers Service website.
  • Exploring career pathways.
  • Careers cards as a display in year area.  
  • 5 year Career destination planning - where do they see themselves in 5 years and how do they achieve it?
  • Active tutoring with a focus on careers.
  • Activities Week - TFest and enrichment activities
  • Charity Fund Raising.
  • Ambassador training.
  • Enterprise Day,
  • Torches to record out of school achievements as well as in school achievements.
  • After school enrichment.
  • Student voice,
  • Foreign Exchange.
  • School Music production.
  • Cadets.
  • Career Taster sessions.
  • First Aid - workshops to be delivered by St Johns Ambulance
  • Presentation Skills - develop skills needed for presenting.
  • Speaking to an Audience - Workshop to develop skills of how to speak in front of large audiences.
  • SSAT qualification - Student leadership accreditation qualification.
  • Interview/Leadership training - develop an understanding of how to be a strong leader
  • E-Safety - training on E-safety and how to ensure all pupils are aware of how to use the internet safely.
  • Anti-bullying - training on how to recognise bullying, how to support pupils who are being bullied and how to report it through the school's online system.
  • Body Language Training - sessions that will develop an understanding of positive/negative body language and how it can be used in a variety of scenarios.


What is YouNG?

YouNG is an innovative project run by Rushcliffe Borough Council aiming to give new work experience and careers event opportunities to young people in the area. The YouNG project works with businesses, schools and parents to act as a link between pupils and local/national companies (Rolls Royce, Nottingham Rugby Club, Vision Express and more) in order to make work experience and apprenticeship opportunities more accessible and available.

How can you get involved?

The YouNG project recruits 7 pupils from 7 schools in the area (including Toot Hill) to work for Rushcliffe Borough Council with YouNG for a year period, gaining valuable experience and earning money whilst doing so! If you are currently in Year 9, then you will be presented with this opportunity through school in the Spring term, but if you wish find out more information about the project beforehand feel free to email or visit Mrs farmer or the current YouNG Ambassador Jamie Cordon (

If you are interested in applying to work experience through YouNG visit the website WeAreYouNG and follow YouNG on Twitter (@YoungWeAreYouNG) and Facebook (Young Network Group) for more information on the opportunities available to you!

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Fin Hutchison presented his ideas to Rushcliffe Borough Council in October 2017

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