Junior Workshops

  • Year 6 children from our feeder primary schools spend one afternoon per week at Toot Hill School doing a selection from Art, Music and Street Dance.
  • The Workshops are run by Toot Hill School's own professional teachers with the exception of Street Dance which is run by specialist providers.
  • The Workshops develop and enhance skills in the Arts.
  • Children make new friends with children from other feeder schools.
  • Junior Workshops aids transition to Secondary School by introducing children to some of the teachers, the school site and environment and the type of work they will be doing when they move up to Toot Hill.

Local schools attend the Junior Workshops on the following dates:

Term 1: 20 September – 15 November 2017

  • Carnarvon Primary School (first group of children)
  • Gunthorpe Primary School
  • Orston Primary School

Term 2: 24 January – 21 March 2018

  • Carnarvon Primary School (second group of children)
  • Langar Church of England Primary School
  • Cropwell Bishop Primary School

Term 3: 25 April – 20 June 2018

  • Elston All Saints Anglican Methodist Primary School
  • Flintham Primary School
  • Farndon Primary School
  • Robert Miles Junior School
  • Radcliffe on Trent Junior School

What the children do

Children will participate in sessions of Music, Drama and learn Street Dance moves. The children do a different activity every 2/3 weeks to keep the experience exciting and interesting.

If you have a child in Year 6 and live within the catchment area of Toot Hill your child’s primary school will arrange for them to come along to the Junior Workshops. You will be sent more details through the primary school.

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