Primary School Activity Days

These activities are for primary school children to visit Toot Hill School to take part in art, craft or cookery classes for one day during the school holidays. They give children an opportunity to take part in an activity to build their confidence and to aid transition to secondary school. The children will learn some new skills as well as having lots of fun. Clear, step by step instructions are given to ensure everyone learns at the same pace. They will meet children from other schools so it's a great way to make new friends. 

To book a place please email us at or call Liz on 01949 863044. 

Monday 19 February 2018

Junior Creative Day - Graffiti
With Nathan Bainbridge
9.30am - 3.30pm
For children in School Years 3 - 6

You'll produce some fantastic artwork in our brand new Graffiti workshop (and you don't even have to be artistic.) You'll be using a mixture of spray paints and specialist graffiti pens to create some unique and individual pieces of work. Remember to wear old clothes as we could get messy!

£25 per person includes all materials (unaccompanied by an adult)




with Toot Hill School Teachers

9.30am - 3.30pm
Exclusively for children in Year 6

Our MasterChef Activity Days run throughout the year giving children in Year 6 a unique opportunity to put their cooking skills to the test. In this workshop children will cook delicious 3 dishes to take home, will learn culinary skills and increase their confidence in the kitchen. Year 6 children will have the chance to make new friends and spend a day at Toot Hill School. Please book early as this workshop does sell out quickly! If your child has attended before don't worry as we do brand new recipes each time. 

£25 per person includes all ingredients (unaccompanied by an adult)



IMG_1296 - Copy.JPG

Photos from our Community Events in April 2017

Year 6 Activity Day - MasterChef

IMG_1529 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1522 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1530 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1504 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1538 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1501 - Copy.JPG
 Junior Creative Day - Ugly Bugs      
IMG_1508 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1511 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1523 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1525 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1539 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1555 - Copy.JPG
 Polymer Clay Jewellery Making      
IMG_1496 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1513 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1545 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1554 - Copy.JPG
 Beautiful Glasswork      
IMG_1491 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1517 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1533 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1552 - Copy.JPG

Some photos from our Community Events on Monday 13th February 2017

Year 6 MasterChef

 IMG_1242.JPG           IMG_1245.JPG
 IMG_1248.JPG            IMG_1250.JPG
IMG_1253.JPG           IMG_1300.JPG
 IMG_1304.JPG            IMG_1308.JPG

Junior Creative Day - 3D Pod Containers

 IMG_1260 - Copy.JPG           IMG_1309 - Copy.JPG 

Family Art Day - Peg Puppet Grottos

 IMG_1275.JPG           IMG_1287.JPG 
 IMG_1314.JPG            IMG_1316.JPG
 IMG_1273.JPG            IMG_1321.JPG