Primary School Activity Days

These activities are for primary school children to visit Toot Hill School to take part in art, craft or cookery classes for one day during the school holidays. They give children an opportunity to take part in an activity to build their confidence and to aid transition to secondary school. The children will learn some new skills as well as having lots of fun. Clear, step by step instructions are given to ensure everyone learns at the same pace. They will meet children from other schools so it's a great way to make new friends. 

To book a place please email us at or call Liz on 01949 863044. 

Our next event will be:

Summer School 2018

Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th July

Summer School will run again in the summer of 2018 with workshops in Cooking, Design & Technology and Art. We are aware that some primary schools don't break up for the school holidays until Thursday 26th July so we will offer the option of booking onto Summer School for either two days (Thursday and Friday or three days (Wednesday - Friday). 

If you would like to reserve a place for Summer School 2018 then please contact us at

Photos from our Community Events in October 2017

Year 6 Activity Day - MasterChef

 IMG_1807 - Copy.JPG      IMG_1812 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1814 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1815 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1823 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1825 - Copy.JPG
IMG_1827 - Copy.JPG     IMG_1837 - Copy.JPG
 Junior Creative Day - Animal Bookends      
IMG_1817.JPG     IMG_1831.JPG
IMG_1832.JPG     IMG_1833.JPG