Toot Hill School and College are currently developing an Alumni for former students of Toot Hill School.

The Alumni is being developed to keep in touch with our former students and to continue to celebrate their success.  We are also keen for our former students to continue their work with the school and to inspire the next generation.  It is up to the individual on how they would like to be involved..

A regular newsletter will be going out to all our Alumni members soon and some work with former students has already begun.  Further details will be available shortly.

We would very much like to hear from any of our former students who are interested in working with us.  Please contact

Jim and Lynda Arnold

Jim and Lynda attended Toot Hill School from 1954. Read about their school day memories of Toot Hill School in the 1950's and here are some of their photos.

1956 England 1.jpg     1958 Canada 5.jpg
1956 in England      1958 in Canada
1980 England 4.jpg     1987 England 2.jpg
1980 in England     1987 in England
1987 England 3.jpg     2011 Canada 6.jpg
1987 in England      2011 in Canada

Charlotte Steward
Former Toot Hill School Student

Class of 2017

I attended Toot Hill school and got my GCSE results this summer, I did well in my GCSE’s however was never keen on the school learning environment and just wanted get out into the world of work (especially after having been to work experiences with Boots on their work Inspiration and at House of Fraser), therefore had to look around at what my next step would be as I wasn’t interested in college. I have a passion for business and came across this Fast Track Apprenticeship that the government run, it allows you to obtain a foundation degree/ level 4 apprenticeship within two years rather than having to go to college for two years then moving onto two years at an apprenticeship. They run it for all different apprenticeships such as Business administration (which is what I’m doing), commercial, finance, project delivery etc.

I applied online, passed that stage and got through to the assessment centre where I had to stay in Manchester and complete interviews, group interviews, written assessments. I wasn’t expecting to get a place as it is a very competitive apprenticeship scheme with over 8000 applicants applying every year, however I did and got a place on the course I wanted, business administration, in the location I wanted, Nottingham.

I am now currently working full time for the Ministry of Justice as the Business Performance Improvement Officer in the National Crime Core Team for the Legal Aid Agency, while completing my apprenticeship in my day to day work. I’ve been here a month and love it!

Charlotte Steward

Teaching English As A Foreign Language - Jenny Graham
December 2017

Jenny Graham is a member of the Alumni group and is now out on a GAP year from employment teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand. Jenny did the TEFL course and does not need to speak Thai and her blog - jgrahamblogs gives an insight into the Thai culture. 

Jenny Graham - Teaching-in-Thailand-weekends-980x588.jpg

Alumni Visit
Friday 3 November 2017

Students who left Toot Hill School in 2009 came back to school to do Speed Networking with Year 10 students, College students and reunite with teaching staff. 

IMG_9268.jpg     IMG_9226.jpg
IMG_9132.jpg     IMG_9095.jpg
IMG_9090.jpg     IMG_9080.jpg

Meeting students from Year 10

IMG_8974.jpg     IMG_8909.jpg
IMG_8896.jpg      IMG_8887.jpg
 IMG_8878.jpg      IMG_8868.jpg

 Meeting College Students

IMG_8739.jpg     IMG_8791.jpg

Krystle Frost, Year 13 Leaver 2015

Since starting at Newark & Sherwood District Council in September 2015 I have gained both confidence and skill, being able to build upon various skills and put them into practice is very rewarding.

The Council provides a number of opportunities for learning and development tailored to your individual needs. Having completed training such as dealing with difficult customers I feel that I have gained valuable experience of how to remain professional in a customer service environment. Similarly, ICT based training such as Excel has provided me with sufficient knowledge of how to operate databases.

Participating in the EU Referendum was an opportunity that I could not miss, seeing the process from opening postal votes to the count was an unforgettable experience.

I would safely say that after the completion of my NVQ level 3 I have set a solid foundation for my future career.

June 2017

Daniel Taylor won the football writer of the year and scoop of the year awards

Daniel Taylor, Sports Journalists Assocation Awards - website.jpg

Daniel Taylor, former Toot Hill School student, picked up two major prizes at Monday night’s prestigious Sports Journalists Association awards for his reporting of the football abuse scandal, being named football journalist of the year and winning scoop of the year.

Taylor’s original Guardian story, published in November, led to the reporting of hundreds of historical allegations of sexual abuse. Last month detectives were examining possible attacks on 526 people, with investigations by 20 police forces who had identified 184 potential suspects and 248 affected clubs at all levels of the game.

Judges said he “wrote the football story of the year, one which made headlines across all media”. They added it was “a huge story with vast and far-reaching consequences well beyond the sport itself” and paid tribute to his “superb, sensitive, powerful journalism”.

“In a very competitive category, the winner’s insight and revelations about the sex scandal that has besmirched football was explosive and challenging,” the judges added.

Andy Woodward, the former Crewe player whose decision to waive his anonymity and speak with Taylor prompted a flood of other victims to come forward, was also present at the awards and addressed the audience.

“Without all of you, this would never have happened. It’s mind blowing. I’m going to try and continue to safeguard children moving forward,” Woodward said.

“This is important in sport. Not just football, but all sports. I can’t thank all of you journalists enough from the bottom of my heart.”

The judging panel added that the football abuse scandal “was a difficult story, brilliantly and sensitively told. The facts of the story were horrifying and shocking but the winner’s style and sensitive approach managed to make these facts ever-so-slightly easier to read.”

Alumni Reunion October 2016

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Emma Goring

Emma left Toot Hill School in 2016 and came back to share her experiences of being at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland.

Emma Goring - website.JPG

Jamie Gollings

After leaving Toot Hill College, Jamie studied Physics and Theoretical Physics at Imperial College in London gaining a First Class Degree in 2013. 

In 2013 Jamie formed a biotechnology start up with five Imperial College Master students working on the research and development of an innovative new product. Jamie has also worked as a Senior Consultant for OC&C Strategy Consultants based in London leading work streams and analysing projects across a wide range of sectors. 

Jamie is currently working for the National Citizen Service developing their strategy. 

Jamie Gollings copy.jpg      Jamie Gollings 2 copy.jpg

Visit by inspHire Ltd
13th April 2016 

Chris Branson from inspHire Ltd came into school to inspire our students about a career in software development. Chris set up his business in 1997 and it has grown to a large business based in 4 countries with 85,000 users worldwide. the business is continuing to grow and recruitment is ongoing.

When recruiting students after A levels or graduates he is looking for young people with good sound grades but also with a passion for computing and technology. Chris wants to recruit people with a passion and someone who does computer enrichment out of school/college time. Chris talked about the changes in computing and how technology has progressed. He said we are in the new golden age now and young people are needed to continue the innovation. We are in a global world now and we can connect with people quickly and easily across the world.
Chris met with Students from Years 9-13 and covered the different types of computing. As a CEO he has concerns that he cannot recruit the right people to continue to grow his business and feels it is important that he comes into school to inspire the next generation. Students asked what Chris looked for in young people, they asked if he would take work experience and what enrichment activities they should do out of school.

Chris is keen to work with us on enrichment and would like to set up a computing club with Staff to continue to advise, guide and mentor young people.
Thank you to Chris for taking time out of his busy schedule to come into school.

InspHire2 - website.JPG   InspHire3 - website (2).JPG 

Meet some of our Alumni:

Alex Evans
15th April 2016 

Thank you to Alex Evans, Alumni for coming into school to inspire students in studying Science at University. 

Alex left Toot Hill in 2009 and got a first class degree in Zoology. He is now doing a phd in Avian Energetics. 

Alex will be coming back soon to run a Stem Day. 

Alex Evans - website (1).JPG   Alex Evans - website (2).JPG 

Alice Shepperson - Dancer

On Thursday 25th February, we had a visit from Alice Shepperson an Alumni who left Toot Hill in 2012 to study Dance. Alice has recently graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a First Class Honours Degree. Alice spoke with students about her experiences and was most inspiring. She is currently working with Jasmin Vardimon who is a leading Choreographer.

Alice Shepperson Headshot for website.jpg   Alice Shepperson pic 2 for website.jpg
Photo by Zoe Bradley   Photo by Camille Lagrange  

Talk from William Saunders, Newark
Tuesday 15th March 2016

Peter Joyce and Brad Gibson from William Saunders came in to talk to students about a career in Civil and Structural Engineering. Brad talked about his Level 3 Apprenticeship and about how he hopes to take up the opportunity of a sponsored degree.

Brad left Toot Hill School in 2014 and it was great for him to come back into school to share his experiences. 

IMG_0523 - Copy.JPG

Alex-Oakes - photo.jpg 

IMG_0131 v2.jpg

Matt Batey, System Developer, Rianna Giscombe, Sales Executive, UK Waste Solutions Ltd, Newark
Mark Tinsley, Associate School Leader, Enrichment 

Matt and Rianna left Toot Hill College in 2010 and now they work for UK Waste Solutions Ltd based in Newark. Toot Hill are investigating working with UK Waste Solutions Ltd on a recycling project.